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Clean up your memory for an optimized BlackBerry

In many ways, a BlackBerry is a mini computer. Like other computers, it runs applications which require free memory. This becomes a problem, especially on older BlackBerry devices, where there is precious little space. The best way to avoid this kind of memory handicap — which can lead to memory leak — is to go through your BlackBerry every once in a while and clean up a bit. Delete some applications, clear the cache, that sort of thing. We’ve written about parts of this progress on BBGeeks before, and today we’re going to bring it all together.

Deleting sample media and apps

Your BlackBerry might be useful — possibly the most useful device you own — but it contains a lot of stuff you just don’t need. You can let that stuff sit and take up valuable memory, or you can go in there and wipe it out, giving yourself a few more bytes to play with.

The place to start is sample media. These sample audio and video files come preloaded on your BlackBerry so you can test the media player. They’re unnecessary. You can delete these files the same way you delete any BlackBerry application. Go to Options, Advanced Options, Applications. There you’ll have your list, and you can kill BlackBerry Sample Video, and if it’s present, BlackBerry Sample Audio.

While you’re at it, why not delete all of those applications you never use anyway? You’ll want to avoid stuff like BlackBerry Core Applications, but go right ahead and delete that game you installed five months ago and played once, or that app you got and swear that you’re going to use one day. You’re not, so you might as well kill it and save the space for other, more important things.

To delete applications from the Applications option, just over over the desired app, hit the Menu button, and select Delete. You’ll get a last warning prompt, and once you select Yes the application will go away forever. Most times the device will prompt you for a reboot, but you can do that after you’re done with your deletion binge.

Clear your cache

Most, if not all, Web browsers these days create two types of files: cache and cookies. While they take up memory, they actually do serve a purpose. With a larger cache, your browser can load pages faster, and with cookies it can remember where you’ve been. If you’re looking to optimize your BlackBerry, you should consider clearing these. They’ll propagate soon enough, anyway.

To clear your cache and cookies, launch your browser, hit the Menu button, and select Options. Cache Operations should be in that list, and that’s the one you’ll want. From there select Clear History, and you’re good. Hit the Escape key, and your Berry will lag a second while it disposes of all those files.

On that screen you can also delete Pushed Content and Cookie Cache. That won’t save you as much memory as clearing your cache, cookies, and sample media, but it’s still something.

Trim the fat

The best way to boost memory is to delete worthless files. It’s easy to identify worthless applications — the ones you don’t use, you should delete. But what about the things you don’t know about? Cooper went over some of these a while back, and we’ll recap here.

  • Pare down your contacts and inbox. Deleting contacts saves memory, so you can delete the people with whom you don’t plan further correspondence. You can also reduce the amount of time messages are stored in your memory by going to the Options menu in your messages application, followed by General Options. Lowering the Keep Messages field will keep more memory free.
  • Delete pictures and random media. The sample files aren’t all that clog your BlackBerry. Every time you use your camera, you’re allocating memory to those photos. You can delete these through the media player app. Just go to that and highlight the target. Hit Menu and then Delete, and you’ll have that much more space.
  • Delete themes. This is the same process as deleting applications, only you’ll select the theme file instead of an app. Make sure you know which themes you’re deleting — some of them have tough to decipher file names.
  • Delete your phone logs. You can delete individual entries by hovering over the number, hitting the Menu button, and then selecting Delete. To delete in bulk, hold down the Shift key and scroll down, then follow the delete process.
  • Delete your event log. As we mentioned in the BlackBerry secret codes post, you can pull up your events log by holding Alt and then pressing L G L G. Once you’re there, click the Menu button and then select Clear Log.

Use BlackBerry Memory Cleaner

Your BlackBerry has an on-board memory cleaner, and it’s probably worth running every once in a while. I’m not sure how much it really does — the process took something like two seconds. But it’s already on your device, so you might as well run it once a month or so, just to let it run its course.

To do this, go to Options, Security Options, General Settings. There you’ll see Content Protection. Change it from Disabled to Enabled. A prompt will notify you that you’ll need to set a password. Even if you don’t want to, you can change this all back afterward. Hit the Escape key to back out, and you’ll get the prompt for your password, and then verification.

After you choose your password, back all the way out and come back into Security Options again. There you’ll see an option for Memory Cleaning. Click into that, and change the Show Icon on Home Screen option to Yes. You’ll recognize it easily: a paper going through a shredder. Run it, and that’s it.

To reverse the process, go back into Security Options, General Settings, and disable Content Protection. Make sure to disable your password as well if you don’t want one.

Run MemoryUp

If you’re looking for an application to help manage and optimize your memory automatically, check out MemoryUp. From the app’s description:

It helps your BlackBerry run at optimum speed by efficiently defragmenting your BlackBerry’s memory, recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved applications, flushing unused libraries temporarily out to disk and so on. By all this optimization tricks your favorite applications and games will run faster and efficiently even on old BlackBerry.

If you don’t mind the $10.19 price for the yearly subscription, you can get MemoryUp from the BBGeeks Store until September 30, when it returns to its normal $16.99 price. Then again, as we’ve been saying over the past few days, if you have it available for free, why pay for it? You can keep your BlackBerry running in top shape by following the instructions above. If that’s not your bag, though, at least you have an app like MemoryUp to lend a hand.


Source: http://www.bbgeeks.com

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