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BlackBerry Optimization tips

BlackBerry Optimization tips will help you optimize your Blackberry performance and use it more proficiently.  After optimization, your BlackBerry Smartphones can run faster and integrate many useful applications. Here are some tips to help you optimize your Blackberry Smartphones:

Optimizing Blackberry OS:

1. Update your BlackBerry OS as soon as possible. The lastest OS firmware will fix many bugs and improve OS efficiency.

2. How to speed up BlackBerry Device

With some simple ways, you can optimize your BlackBerry Handheld and speed up it. Use these tips to speed up the BlackBerry Device.

Firstly,upgrade your Blackberry Device to the latest OS.

Secondly, Make sure that you are not running applications in the background, if so go through and turn them off. You can use the Esc key to end applications NOT the Red End Key.

Thirdly, Remove unnecessary pre-installed programs. To completely delete applications from your BlackBerry Handheld you need to go into Options > Advanced Options > Applications then highlight the application you want to remove, click the Menu button and choose Delete.

Fourth, you can turn off Content Compression and Content Protection from Click Options > Security Options >  General Settings.

Fifth, you can set the Key Rate to Fast, from Options > Screen/Keyboard.

Sixth, you should incorporate as FEW icons on the home screen as possible on to BlackBerry Handheld.  This way,  loading the main menu AND switching to landscape will be much faster.

Optimizing Blackberry Memory:

1. Optimize your BlackBerry memory performance.

The best way to optimize BlackBerry memory performance is to leave as much empty memory as possible on BlackBerry Smartphones. You should maintain at least 400 KB of application memory on your BlackBerry.

To optimize BlackBerry Handheld memory, you can try to delete items that you do not need from your BlackBerry Smartphones to increase the amount of application memory.

Delete old email and MMS messages on BlackBerry Handheld, especially messages with attachments.

If you recently updated the BlackBerry Smartphones Software over the wireless network, delete the previous version of the BlackBerry Device Software.

Clear the Blackberry Browser Cache.

Delete contacts that are already in your organization’s address book.

Delete applications and languages that you do not use on BlackBerry Handheld.

If possible, install and use a memory card to store music, pictures and other information.

To optimize BlackBerry Handheld memory, you can  try to change options for email messages, calendar entries, and media files to use less memory on BlackBerry Smartphones.  Set it up as follows:

Reduce the amount of time that your BlackBerry Smartphones stores email messages and calendar entries.

If you changed the picture quality for pictures that you take, change the picture quality setting to Normal.

Stop forwarding email messages to your device when your BlackBerry Device is connected to your computer.

Receive only the first section of long email messages.

Reduce the picture quality in the browser.

2. Clear BlackBerry Browser Cache from time to time.

Optimizing the Battery of Blackberry:

1. How to Save Blackberry Battery Life

Tips to extend your BlackBerry Smartphones battery life. If battery drains fast on your Blackberry Device, you can use these tips to extend battery life:

Firstly , when you don’t need GPS and bluetooth, please turn off it.

Secondly, wifi is also important factor, if there are no wifi hotspot near you, please disable wifi connection. The constant search for wifi signal will drain the battery fast.

Thirdly, Vibrate and loud volume modes can also drain the battery.

Fourthly, Please don’t run many applications in the background, it will drain battery all the way.

Lastly, please turn off your Blackberry Smartphones or put it in airplane mode, if there are no service signals.

Optimzing Blackberry SMS and MMS:

1. How to enable T9 on Blackberry to type quickly

You can enable T9 mode in your Blackberry Smartphones. T9 is predictive text input, when you enable it, it will let you enter words much faster and easier by pressing each button just once on small 662453 devices. In T9 text entry mode, you still press the buttons that have the letters you want–but you press each one a single time, and the phone guesses what you’re trying to spell as you go.

To enable T9 on Blackberry Smartphones, you can go to Options > Language > Input Options > Uncheck both Predictive Input and Spell Check, then recheck them.

2. BlackBerry Tap interval and hover period setting

You can set up your tap interval and hover period depend on personal habits.

Tap interval determines the amount of time between clicks to register as a double tap, similar to double clicking on a PC. You can configure it from 100 to 500. Common settings is 300.

Hover Period: amount of time required to hover over (i.e. keep your finger on the screen) before activating certain hover features. A higher value here will make the period longer, and require you to hold your finger on an object longer before the action takes place. Common settings is 200.

You can set up BlackBerry storm tap interval and hover period from Options> Screen/Keyboard> Key Rate, Tap Interval, Hover Period, and Swipe Sensitivity.

These are common settings on most BlackBerry Storm 9500:
Increase the Tap Interval to 300.
Increase the Hover Period to 200.
Increase the Swipe Sensitivity to High (6).

3. How to send mms picture/video message on BlackBerry

Most new BlackBerry Smartphones have mms function, it is simple to send mms on it . Just press the BlackBerry key >  select  SMS And MMS >  click  Compose MMS > select the contact you want to send to > click  Subject, enter the subject > Scroll to the text input part of the screen, enter text > press the BlackBerry key, click the media option you want (e.g. Attach Picture) > select the media file you want > Press the BlackBerry key, click  Send.  now you have send mms picture or video message on BlackBerry Smartphones.

Optimizing CALL:

1. How to set up BlackBerry Handheld speed dial numbers

If you are confused about BlackBerry speed dial contact list settings, follow the step to solve the problems. And you can let speed dial ‘move’ to work:

Press BlackBerry Handheld Phone key > View Speed Dial List > select the existing speed dial slot you want to move, with a light tap > then press BlackBerry button > Move > select a blank speed dial slot you want to move to, with a light tap > Press BlackBerry button > Show Keyboard > hit the return key, then escape > a quick check with Phone key > View Speed Dial List, will confirm your move

2. How to keep BlackBerry Smartphones backlight turning on in Blackberry maps

When you’re navigating GPS on Blackberry Device, the screen backlight will go dark after a while . This will be annoying, especially when you are driving. so we can set up BlackBerry Device to keep backlight turning on in Blackberry maps.

From the menu button, then Options, and the very first button is “Backlight Timeout”, then you can choose battery <100%, <75%, <50%, or Manage Connections > Bluetooth Options > Add Device, the BB curve will search for other bluetooth devices to pair with. Select your device from the list of available Bluetooth devices, Enter the bluetooth passkey ( usually is 0000). The Handheld will ask you if you want to remember the paired device for future connections, Choose yes or no. then on Computer enter the passkey when the window pops up.

then you should set up BlackBerry Device to receive files via bluetooth. from BlackBerry Connections > Bluetooth Options > Press the menu key and select Options, change the Discoverable setting to Yes . when this setting was enabled, other bluetooth device can transfer songs to your BlackBerry Smartphones.

Before  you send songs from other bluetooth device, On the receiving BlackBerry Device, go into the Media section >  choose Receive via Bluetooth , If you don’t tell the BlackBerry Smartphones to receive via Bluetooth first, it will reject any Bluetooth file transfer attempts from other devices.

To send songs via Bluetooth from your BlackBerry Bluetooth enable smartphone, you will go to Media > Music.

Find the song you want to send. After highlighting the song, press the menu button and then select Send via Bluetooth.


Source: http://www.BerryIndo.com

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  1. November 3, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    The optimization option doesn’t appeal and available to all Blackberry users around the world, best example in SE Asia. The suggestions u made above is very practical to prolong the battery life and to speed up the phone.

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