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Blackberry PIN and PIN Suspend Cloning

What does the mean of suspend pin and pin cloning and why you need to worry?

Lately, there are many issues have to be careful about buying the Blackberry in Indonesia because of problems with the case or the phenomenon of “stealing” mentioned Blackberry PIN Pin Cloning and also a story that will hit the pin Blackberry PIN suspend where the Blackberry in the block and can not be used at all for BBM BlackBerry Messenger, browsing and push email and can only be used as a normal HP is to call and SMS

What is a PIN cloning?
Where there are stores that have the software to mencreate / generate pin blackberry to use with their BB.

Why is PIN Cloning:
In Indonesian market (and everywhere), there is a buyer and importer suspended Blackberry from abroad to be sold in Indonesia. Because the PIN is suspended and can not be used again for the Blackberry service normally, then they will “steal” the PIN and insert PIN Cloning into the broken Blackberry.

How to Steal PINs & Cloning:
For cloning, PIN that is needed is Blackberry PIN and IMEI numbers that have not been registered in the Operator and with the software, the technician could clone their PIN to Blackberry. They will visit stores to record the PIN number and IMEI on the Blackberry for Blackberry cloning to those who tersuspend for resale.

So how if I accidentally bought a new Blackberry that has been in the cloning?

Return to the store and ask for your Blackberry warranty exchanged for new ones.Usually stores that sell Blackberry’s leading distributor warranty will replace them.Operators also will replace it with a new one if your Blackberry in warranty service.

How can I know that my Blackberry in cloning a PIN?

The characteristic feature of the Blackberry in Cloning
This feature of the Blackberry that he had been in the cloning and active simultaneously,

Due to the double PIN, the service will clash.
Can use the Blackberry Messenger but sometimes can not send and receive
Push email is also problematic so it sometimes can not enter
Browsers can not be used
PIN Create / Generate difference with PIN Cloning
There is also a Blackberry expert who likes to create beautiful and change the PIN number pin their BB with the same software and create or generate the PIN number beautiful.

After generate the PIN, they can use fuel as usual. However, how this toy will not last long because the RIM servers in a routine check on her and would not remove the PIN from their official and unusable fuel.

Well, unfortunately if the person who generated this PIN unwittingly create a PIN in exactly the same as yours!

Fuel between the two BB that have the same pin would have clashed and one of them can not be used with the current. Usually Cloner PIN will be aware and will replace her PIN because they do not have a bad etiked for cloning PIN.

Suspend PIN
RIM Blackberry PIN will suspend that have been reported lost by their owners through the operator.

So if you buy a Blackberry in cloning mean that the Blackberry has been suspended and pin cloning will not last long and risky in suspend again.

Blackberry is reported missing to the pin and IMEI number will be stamped LOST to the RIM servers that apply to the whole world then the PIN is in suspension and can not be used for the Blackberry service worldwide. Read how to report lost and Suspend your Blackberry PIN

How to Avoid the PIN and PIN Suspend Cloning
Buy your Blackberry from an authorized dealer or a store / friend who you can trust.Try to buy a warranty service or distributor
If you must buy a second / used, make sure you buy from a store or a friend who you can trust and try to ask them to guarantee that the Blackberry PIN purchased free of cloning.
Make sure your PIN number and IMEI on your blackberry the same as that printed on the box. How, in the blackberry handhelds, to options -> status
Register your PIN and IMEI Operator by Email Settings.

List of operator in Indonesia:

Hopefully this information can answer your questions about cloning and  suspend PIN.

Source: http://www.BerryIndo.com

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  1. November 3, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    The apps such as BBM is a useful tool to phone users. People are getting more dependent on technology ever since. But as things are getting more complicated or rather sophisticated, it’s good to have these gadgets to get yourself updated with work related info. Since it’s free to communicate via text between blackberry users, there’s been an apps for iphone users similar to this tool as well. There are also consequences of drawback of these apps such as pin stealing etc.

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